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Jianas Brothers

2533 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64108-2395 U.S.A. [816] 421-2880 - Fax [816] 421-2883

Jianas Brothers Packaging Co
2533 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108
United States
Phone: 1-816-421-2880

The following information relates to Oral Rehydration Salts manufactured by Jianas Brothers in Kansas City, MO, U.S.A.

Each packet of ORS contains the equivalent of:

Sodium Cloride 3.5 g
Potassium Cloride 1.5 g
Trisodium Citrate, Dihydrate 2.9 g
Glucose Anyhydrous 20 g

The 27.9 gram dose is intended for dissolution into one liter of drinking water.

Packets are packed as follows:

Carton 125 packets 9 lbs. 0.3 cu. ft.
Case 625 packets
5 cartons
45 lbs. 1.6 cu. ft.

The minimum order is one carton [125 packets]. NSN: 6505-01-197-8809.

The F.O.B plant prices are as follows:


Price per

packet carton
1-4 cartons $0.55 $68.75
5-99 cartons $0.50 $62.50
100 or more cartons $0.30 $37.50

Unless otherwise requested by the customer all orders are sent via UPS Ground, this pricing varies depending on the destination, UPS picks up all orders at our office in Kansas City. Customers are welcome to call us at 816-421-2880 in regards to shipping costs. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Make checks payable to Jianas Brothers Packaging Co.
For replacement of water and electrolytes lost during moderate to severe diarrhea. Features:
World Health Organization formula

updated: 23 August, 2019