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Children's Poster Competition
A supplement to Issue no.33 - June 1988

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There is much information in this issue that is valuable and useful. Online readers are reminded, however, that treatment guidelines and health care practices change over time. If you are in doubt, please refer to WHO's up-to-date Dehydration Treatment Plans.

Pages 1-4 Children's Poster Competition
A supplement to Dialogue on Diarrhoea Online Issue 33 - June 1988

DDOnline Children's Poster Competition supplement to DD33 Page 1 2

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First Prize Winner - over ten years age group

First Prize Winner -over ten years age group

Mohamed Abdallah, Tanzania, aged 15

Many thanks to Emma Wallace - Commonwealth Institute, Patsy Robertson - Commonwealth Secretariat, Gill Gordon - IPPF, Christopher Gibb - Save the Children Fund (U.K.), DD Scientific Editors and AHRTAG staff who helped to judge the competition and choose the winning posters.

DDOnline Children's Poster Competition supplement to DD33 1 Page 2 3

The 20 runners-up in the ten years and under age group are

Shimonti Ahmed, Bangladesh, aged 7
Deepak, India, aged 9
Vishu Gupta, India, aged 8
B and B Kansankala, Zambia, aged 10
Anaradhi Makawita, Sri Lanka, aged 9
Murad Manurolam, Bangladesh, aged I0
K. Marudhai, India, aged 7

Narchari Misra, India, aged 6
Aja F. Njie, The Gambia, aged 9
Nitin Pande, India, Under 10
Meenushree Patnaik, India, aged I0
M. Pitchi, India, aged 9

Patrick Quill, Vanuatu, aged 10
Vipin Ramola, India, aged 9
Divya Rastogi, India, aged 7
C. Selvi, India, aged 10
Vandna, India, aged 8
R. Vishnuram, India, aged 6
Dhundup Whnamo, India, aged 9
Rumana Zesmin, Bangladesh, aged 10

DDOnline Children's Poster Competition supplement to DD33 2 Page 3 4

The 20 runners-up in the over ten years age group are

Anon, Vanuatu, aged over I0
Anju R Advani, India, aged 15
Jacob Charlie, Vanuatu, aged 13
Evelyn Enos, Vanuatu, aged 12
Zacheaus Govina, Vanuatu, aged 12
John Kala, Vanuatu, aged 15
Khodeja Khatun, Bangladesh, aged 11
Juma M Kidaya, Tanzania, aged 13
Vadera H Kumar, India, aged 12
Care Makaza, Zimbabwe, aged 15

Jasper Makazah, Zimbabwe, aged 13
Bhawna Mathobre, India, aged over I0
Marcia L Mulholland, U.K., aged 11
Nuva, Bangladesh, aged 13
Aditi Palit, India, aged 12
Shenan L Perera, Sri Lanka, aged 15
Reuben Peter, Vanuatu, aged 12
Vincent Sequeira, India, aged 16
AnitaTragler, India, aged 11
Arusha C Wijehumar, Sri Lanka, aged 13

DDOnline Children's Poster Competition supplement to DD33 3 Page 4

First Prize Winner-ten years and under age group

su338.jpg (77826 bytes)

P Karthik, India, aged 8

DD would like to thank the following companies for providing prizes for this competition: Bourne Offset Ltd, Daler Rowney Ltd, Faber-Castell, Reeves, Rexel, Satex Ltd, T.N. Lawrence and Son, Wiggins Teape Fine Papers, Winsor and Newton. Produced by Dialogue on Diarrhoea

hildren's Poster Competition
A supplement to Issue no. 33 June 1988

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