Although diarrheal disease is the second-leading cause of child death worldwide, momentum to control it in low-income countries has slowed—even stalled—over the last decade. A crowded health landscape, limited funding, and insufficient awareness of the evidence on interventions have conspired to keep diarrheal disease low on the list of both global and country-level health priorities.

Today, though, the opportunity to tackle this challenge is greater than ever. New tools and cornerstone solutions are helping to inspire action by health policymakers around the world. Now is the time for advocates, scientists, academics, practitioners, health and development officials, and donors to join their voices. Together, we can rebuild momentum and overcome the devastating toll that diarrhea takes on children, families, and communities around the world.

We are pleased to provide the tools below to help you spread the word about global diarrheal disease burden and the solutions to address it. Please contact us to suggest additional resources.

Slides - Presentation on Diarrheal Disease and Interventions (2.7 MB Microsoft PowerPoint presentation) | Flash Presentation

Reports - Diarrheal Disease: Solutions to Defeat a Global Killer
Diarrheal Disease Advocacy: Findings from a Scan of the Global Policy and Funding Landscape (205 KB PDF)
Tracking Progress in Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival: The 2008 Report (available on the UNICEF Countdown to 2015 website). Includes country-by-country statistics on diarrhea treatment, breastfeeding, and water and sanitation coverage.

Briefing papers - Common Virus and Senseless Killer: A Briefing Paper on Rotavirus

An Integrated Approach to Confronting Diarrheal Disease (219 KB PDF)

Resources on this site - breastfeeding/nutrition, diarrhea vaccines, handwashing/clean water, oral rehydration therapy, zinc