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Diarrhoea Kills a Child Every 26 Seconds

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Money Talks

Money Talks: A Little Goes a Long Way

A little goes a long way.

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A little goes a long way ...A Little Goes A Long Way


10 cents for a packet of oral rehydration salts10 cents =a packet of oral rehydration salts

One packet of oral rehydration salts (ORS) to protect against diarrhoeal dehydration, which can cause death.
$ 1.23
One foetal stethoscope.
$ 15
The average cost of vaccines, syringes, needles, cold chain equipment and health workers' training and salaries needed to immunize one child against the 6 major childhood diseases.
$ 25
will provide enough oral rehydration salts to treat and restore 150 children suffering from severe diarrhoeal dehydration.
$ 31.75
One insulated portable vaccine carrier to maintain the potency of 500 doses of vaccine.
$ 45
will provide a heavy duty bicycle rugged enough to enable a midwife or health worker to reach remote villages over rough terrain
$ 400
will provide enough vaccine to immunize 1,600 children against the child-killing diseases of diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus
$ 800
will provide refrigerated storage with back-up power supply for 50,000 doses of vaccine


7 cents
Three vitamin A capsules to protect a child against blindness and other health risks from vitamin A deficiency for one year.
$ 1
Half a pound of pea seeds or three packets of lettuce seeds for a community garden.
$ 100
will provide enough Vitamin A capsules to protect 2,500 children from blindness caused by Vitamin A deficiency


$ 1.61
A box of 144 sticks of dustless chalk.
$ 21.49
One primary school teacher's set of supplies.

Water and sanitation

$ 10
One plastic latrine pan and outlet pipe to provide safe sanitation for a family.

$ 150

handpumps to serve an entire village with clean safe water
Hand pump, pipes and accessories for equipping a shallow well to serve an entire village with clean safe water; to benefit up to 250 people.

$ 4.15
One blanket.
$ 131
One 'school-in-a-box' kit, with materials for a teacher and 40 primary school students.

updated: 23 April, 2014