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e-TALC Health Development CDROM Series

Electronic Teaching-aids At Low Cost

e-TALC is a project of Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC), which provides an up-to-date, authoritative source of electronic health information for health workers in developing countries who have access to computers but limited access to the internet.
e-TALC Issue 8 e-TALC Issue 8
Created on 24 Mar 2006 TALC are pleased to announce the release of issue 8 of the e-TALC Health Development CD-ROM. This issue contains carefully selected resources from over 30 organisations and individuals involved with health and development in the third world. On Issue 8 of e-TALC we include resources from our regular contributors such as WHO, BMJ, Lancet, Journal of Clinical Medicine, and PLoS Medicine. We also include information from a variety of new contributors that include the Arthritis Research Council, Action for Disability, and ICTHES World Care. On this issue of e-TALC we have also made some significant changes to the design and search engine, which we hope will make the e-TALC CD-ROM even easier to use.

Contents of this CD-ROM
Full contents of this issue of the e-TALC CD-ROM.
  • Adolescents and youth with disability: issues and challenges
  • Africa Health
  • Basic Anaesthesia Training Manual
  • British Medical Journal
  • Calicut Medical Journal
  • Child-To-Child Newsletter
  • Children for Health
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Cochrane Library - evidence-based medicine abstracts
  • Common Ear Diseases
  • Community Dermatology
  • Community Ear and Hearing Health
  • Community Responses to HIV/AIDS - radio script
  • Contraceptive Pearls - answers to common contraceptive questions
  • Developing Countries Farm Radio Network - Voices Newsletter
  • Developing Mental Health
  • Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development newsletter
  • Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding
  • Gout - ARC information booklet
  • Guest Editorial: Designing programmes to address stigma in leprosy - Issues and challenges
  • Health Education for Behaviour Change: A work-book to improve skills
  • Health WHICH Research Bulletins
  • HIV and Infant Feeding - Framework for Priority Action
  • id21 - development news
  • Improved Cookstoves Make Life Easier for Women- radio script
  • Information: its collection and use throughout the Project Cycle
  • International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) - Newsletter
  • Journal of Community Eye Health
  • Lancet, The
  • Living with HIV in a sick society
  • Lupus (SLE) - ARC information booklet
  • Misconceptions and Acceptance: People Living with HIV/AIDS Need Love and Compassion - radio script
  • Mummy Cheetah and her Babies: A Story to Help Orphaned Children Talk - radio script
  • Nursing Standard Drug Cards
  • Osteoporosis - ARC information booklet
  • PLOS Medicine - open access medical journal
  • Psoriatic Arthritis - ARC information booklet
  • Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malara
  • Randomised Trials in Child Health in Developing Countries
  • Repair and Reconstruction
  • Scleroderma - ARC information booklet
  • Surgery - A Manual for Medical Auxiliaries
  • TALC Catalogue
  • Talk With Your Kids
  • Tearfund - Footsteps Newsletter
  • Trends, challenges and status of the Ghanaian health care system
  • Update in Anaesthesia
  • Women, Property and Inheritance - radio script
  • World Hospitals and Health Services - journal
  • Writing radio scripts to improve food security: The Farm Radio Network Model - from planning to delivery to evaluation

updated: 21 March, 2018